Protest held by West Papua National Committee on this year - Jubi

KNPB: “Christmas Gift” for Papuans Called Violence

Protest held by West Papua National Committee on this year - Jubi

Protest held by West Papua National Committee on this year – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Every year Christmas in Papua is a meaningless and profane event for Christians, as people turn the festivities to cheer upon sorrow and tears of others, the he Secretary General of Central West Papua National Committee (KNPB), Ones Suhuniap, said.

Suhuniap said people would talk about peace in Christmas, but it has never been materialized in Papua.
“There is still murder, oppression and massacres towards the people, while Jesus was born only for one reason, that is to save the entire humans on the earth from being destroyed,” Suhuniap told Jubi in Jayapura on Monday (07/12).

He asserted every year; the Military and Police personnel always play a game for Christmas. “There is a game behind Christmas celebration which played by Indonesian apparatus. On 2 December 2015, for greeting Christmas, the Manokwari Military Regional Command held the Christmas carnival in Manokwari,” he said.
While on 1 December 2015, Cenderawasih Military Regional Command also held the Christmas worship event with Jayawijaya residents in Wamena. “It’s only a political game of colonialism,” he said.

Because at the time of the Military personnel was celebrating the Christmas carnival and prayer in Manokwari and Wamena, the Military personnel of Yapen (Serui) Military District Command and Serui Police have killed and massacred the civilians by accusing them as Free Papua Movement’s members.


The Central KNPB spokesperson, Bazoka Logo, said every year the Indonesian Government always gives a ‘Christmas gift’ to the people of Papua. Such a violence leading to killing is always happened every year before Christmas.
“On 16 December 2009, General Kelly Kwalik was killed at Kali Kopi, Timika for the safety of the Republic of Indonesia. In December 2011, the National Liberation Army/Free Papua Movement Headquarters in Eduda, Paniai was brutally burned using the helicopter,” Logo said.

He continued that on 16 December 2012, Hubertus Mabel was killed in Wamena, while on 8 December 2014, four students and a citizens were shot dead by military personnel. And this current year, on 1 December 2015, the Police and Military personnel shot civilians in Serui caused one death and seven were in critical condition. And the last, the Police arrested and shot the Papua students in Jakarta during the peace rally.

“Papuans must be aware, that there is no peace on this land. We oppose the oppression and murder perpetrated by the Indonesian Government against Papuans in Christmas occasion this year, for there is no more ‘gift’ for Papuans in 2016,” said Logo. (Abeth You/rom)

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