Coalition of Awakening Papuan Students when hold the demonstration (Jubi)


Coalition of Awakening Papuan Students when hold the demonstration (Jubi)

Coalition of Awakening Papuan Students when hold the demonstration (Jubi)

Jayapura, 14/2 (Jubi) – A modernism, capitalism and colonialism have given a huge impact to the existence of Papuan culture. The cultural values begin to decline from the lives of Papuans. This trend is becoming a concern of the Coalition of Awakening Papuan Students (KMPB).

For that reason, KMPB has been started an action in order to Papuan Culture. They declared a campaign week by distributing a leaflet of “Papuan Culture Revival” to the residents of Jayapura.

Wearing Papuan traditional clothes, the coalition activists are starting to distribute the leaflets by Monday (11/2) to Sunday (16/2).
“We will distribute the leaflets to the churches on Sunday,” Mully Wetipo, the Coordinator of KMPM said to during their campaign on Friday (14/2) at the halt of public transport in Perumnas III, Waena, Kota Jayapura, Papua.

According to him, the campaign climax will be on Monday (17/2) where KMPB will do a peace demonstration in front of the House of Papuan People Assembly (MRP).
“We are asking the government through the MRP to protect the Papuan culture that is starting to decline from the Papuans’ interest,” he said.


According to him the Papuans lately are not standing to their own culture. They prefer to adopt the hedonistic culture and listen to the hip-hop and reggae music than their traditional dance and music. They also prefer a modern bag, plastic bag than Noken, their traditional bag. Even Noken is currently considered as out of date not a cultural object, the civilization symbol of Papuans.

He also thought that certain people are trying to control their action. “Certain people come to facilitate a meeting in the Police Papua Office in order to control our action. They won’t be affected us. Either they were disturbed with this action or not, we are still moving to keep our cultural identity. If not us, who? If not now, when?” Mully said.

At the same place, an activist of GEMPAR Alfares Kapisa said it is not only KMPB who will be in the demonstration but other elements also will participate to distribute the leaflets.
“We will distribute the leaflets in Abepura. All parties will join to convey their aspirations,” he said. (Jubi/Mawel/rom)

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