Kingmi Church's chairman while met member of Parliament of Papua (Jubi)


Kingmi Church's chairman while met member of Parliament of Papua (Jubi)

Kingmi Church’s chairman while met member of Parliament of Papua (Jubi)

Jayapura , 15/1 ( Jubi ) -The Klasis Kingmi Church’s Chairman in Mimika, Papua, Rev. Isak Onawame met Chairman of the Kingmi Synod in Papua and Commission A of the Papua Legislative Council on Law and Human Rights aimed to write to Polda Papua requesting security guarantee because he felt his life and family threatened .

Rev. Isaac Onawame explained, January 6th around 23:30 (local time),someone knocked on the door of his house located at Jalan Heatubun , Kwamki village, Mimika exactly in front of the Mimika Baru police station.
After he opened the door turns his coming was named Damari with one male non- Papuans . He knew the man’s face .
“He then reminded me and the family to leave the house immediately. Otherwise I would be kidnapped or killed. I then went to the Rev. Henock Nawipa. The next morning, around 07:00 , I sent message to Kapolres and Dandim asking why somebody wants to kill or kidnap me. if I do crime, please do but if the problem is about the struggle, let us sit down to talk about the struggle but not this way. said Rev. . Isaac Onawame, Wednesday ( 15/1 ) .
According to him , after sending a short message to the police chief , he asked who threatened you . Rev.Isaac Onawame then answered the army/ police. But police chief replied in short message, do not believe the intelligences and their terror. Because they just try to provoked it.
” I then contacted the commander and asked why I want to be kidnapped , what are my problems . Then, he asks who told me, and I replied intel . He then asked me not to believe it because there is intel that you can trust and not trust .” he said .
Furthermore, he said that he does not know the reason why he is threatened . That is the main reason he went to meet the Kingmi Synod and Commission A on Law and Human Rights . “Today the Papua Kingmi Synod Papua sent a letter for security guarantee.” he said .
The chairman of Commission A of DPRP, Ruben Magay stated that terrors tactic is an old ways, don’t use it again . All threats of kidnapping, murder , intimidation to Rev . Isaac Onawame and family must be stop by the church. He further emphasized that it should not be tied up with confusing and unclear issu which can damage church image .
” So, stop with all the intimidation and threats to Rev.Isaac Onawame . If church leader is able to be threatened, what about the community. We all knew that there is often violence taking place in the area of PT . Freeport Indonesia and is now in a election mood. So, to anyone who get involved in provoking, need to stop. “ said Ruben Magay .
” I ask the police chief, the chief of Police Regional Commander and military district chief ( Dandim) providing security to the Rev.Isak Onawame’s famiy.” said Ruben Magay .
The vice chairman of the DPRP, Albert Bolang added, Rev.Onawame Isaac is one of the religious leaders in Papua who live in Timika. This political constellation should not be spoofed to others or threatening the leader. Stop threatening. We hope that security forces discuss legal and political issues openly. ” said Albert Bolang . If Rev.Isaac Onawame found has legal and political problems, please investigate and present it openly. ” We must respect the rule of law but if there are no protections, something bad would be happened. Church leader is threatened, what about ordinary people.” said Bolang. ( Jubi / Arjuna/Tina)

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