Head of Keerom Regional Library, Yuliana Anderi Ratna (Jubi)

Keerom Library to Face Difficulty to Serve in Border Region

Head of Keerom Regional Library, Yuliana Anderi Ratna (Jubi)

Head of Keerom Regional Library, Yuliana Anderi Ratna (Jubi)

Jayapura, Jubi – The mobile library service in the border are has been unable to operate fully due to a lack of access and transportation, the head of Keerom Regional Library, Yuliana Anderi Ratna, said on Tuesday (18/11).

Officials at the Library and Archives Office are working to overcome these challenges by working with school libraries in the border area, she said.
“We have not been able to reach the border. Our attention is more focused on schools that exist in the region, for example, high school, junior high, and elementary. The most distant is Web district. We have to rent a vehicle at an expensive price to the border,” Anderi said.

Every year, the local library should have a minimum of three times to the border area. However, due to transportation constraints, it comes only once a year to the area, she said.
“I have told this problems to the head of the Regional Library and Archives of Papua. So far, we have the amount of various books ,” she added.

Children’s interest in the border region is still minimal that we need to make a breakthrough so that children can be motivated to read. The Department of Education and the local, regional library of Keerom open library in the border region.
“The teachers are managing the library. We drop the books there such as general books, curriculum books and Papuan storybooks. Many of us have prepared, “she said.


While the head of regional library and Archives Papua, Ani Rumbiak, hoped   Keerom Library officers would not be discouraged to work for the kids in the border region.
“We hope they continue to work with all the limitations. We will try to help them as much as possible, ” Ani Rumbiak said. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

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