Demosntration held by Bara NKRI on Abepura - Roy Ratumakin

Keeping Peace Despite Different Political Choices

Demosntration held by Bara NKRI on Abepura - Roy Ratumakin

Demosntration held by Bara NKRI in Abepura on the begining of June 2016 – Roy Ratumakin

Jayapura, Jubi – People should respect each other and keep the peace regardless of their political choices, said Director of Ilalang Papua La Hardin in response the recent emergence of a nationalist group to counter a rally by pro-independent KNPB (West Papua National Committee) .

Harding said a third party is needed to reconcile these two rival groups since it could be a challenge for peace. He also warned about groups with interests ahead of the 2017 Regional Head Elections.

“Because there are rumors among the people that both non-Papuans and coastal Papuan tribes will go together chasing the highlanders. It’s so vulnerable to conflict,” he told Jubi in Abepura, Jayapura City.

Earlier, before the series of rallies by nationalist group BARA NKRI and KNPB, there were some incidents of burning the morning star flag.


“We knew about the flag burning but who was behind it?” he said. For that reason he asked the government to open the space for dialogue for straining the problems become widespread.

A city resident told Jubi the government should take action to counteract the current situation.

“Government should prevent the acts that might affect the people in order to keep the peace in Papua. The government must also mediate the both sides immediately,” he said. (Abeth You/rom)

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