Brigadier General Hinsa Siburian (Jubi)


 Brigadier General Hinsa Siburian (Jubi)

Brigadier General Hinsa Siburian (Jubi)

Jayapura, 22/5 (Jubi) – It is too late to conduct dialogue on the status of Papua because it is an inseparable part of Indonesia, the Cenderawasih military command chief of staff , Brigadier General Hinsa Siburian, said on Tuesday (20/5).

“A dialogue will very much depend on whose perspective. And from our point of view as the state’s apparatus, a political dialogue is too late. It’s done. Because Papua has been part of the state of the Republic of Indonesia that is recognized by the United Nations.  So it’s recognized politically and legally, including the international law,” the Chief said in the press release received by on Wednesday afternoon (21/5).

Therefore, he further added, what need to be done now is to promote welfare for Papuans. Any dialogue should be done in the framework of Special Autonomy through the local government and Papua’s parliament.
“Papua is similar to other regions of Indonesia, in that it is under civilian order. Therefore, the military’s task is to provide the territorial assistance and protect the public. We took our role to guard Papua in peace. For that reason, our operation is to develop trust with the community approach,” he said.

He further said the military didn’t carry out their operation by deploying troops but participating to develop the community welfare in Papua. That is the Community Base Officers (Babinsa) for among the community. Their presence is to assist the police handling the criminality or securing the situation at the border or remote areas. Their role is including assisting the community by teaching or opening the inter-village road access.
“However, if there are among them who misconducted in duty, they would be legally process. The Indonesian Military must be professional and respect to the human rights. It part of the current law of the military,” he said.


But Pungky Indarti, directress Impartial Jakarta, as the moderator of the discussion actually denied the Kasdam statement. “What are delivered Kasdam away from everyday reality in Papua, which was reflected in the process of the VI National Conference on Interfaith Network Indonesia is running at Sentani Indah Hotel,” Indarti said in the release to (Jubi/Aprila/rom)

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