Students while held protest (Jubi/Benny Mawel)

Karel Sesa Is Not Competent to be Rector, Say Medical Students

Students while held protest (Jubi/Benny Mawel)

Students while held protest (Jubi/Benny Mawel)

Jayapura, Jubi – Medical students at  Cenderawasih University blocked the campus’ gate in protest against the president of Cenderawasih University, Karel Sesa.

The students said Sesai was not competent and had failed in leading the university.

The protest followed  the rector’s response to internal problems that beset the Faculty of Medicine over the past  few months.

Student coordinator Benyamin Lagowan told Jubi on Monday (6/10) that the students would open the blockage once the rector issues a decree to suspend the medical faculty’s dean and to assign an acting dean.


But so far they said they had not received any response from the campus authority.

“If tomorrow (7/10), the rector still has not issued the decree, we will never open the blockage,” said Lagowan. He said this problem the rector has his own interests that are extremely different from those of the students.

Meanwhile, the 3rd Assistant Rector, Fredrik Sokoy told reporters on Saturday that the academic senate has made decision in regards to this issue, but due to the rector’s activity, he has not signed the result yet. “We just cannot disrupt his activities. He will sign the decree by tomorrow (5/10) or Monday (6/10), “ Sokoy told Jubi by phone on Saturday (4/10). (Mawel Benny/rom)

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