Chairman KAPP Nabire, Mr. Kristovel Mara (Jubi)


Chairman KAPP Nabire, Mr. Kristovel Mara (Jubi)

Chairman KAPP Nabire, Mr. Kristovel Mara (Jubi)

Jayapura, 5/1 (Jubi) – Chamber of Papua Indigenous Entrepreneurs (Kamar Adat Pengusaha Papua/KAPP) of  Nabire would encourage a number of programs to improve the economic development of local community. Chairman KAPP Nabire, Mr. Kristovel Mara, spoke that the programs will include the cooperative for saving and loan, reactivation of traditional market that was built in 2012.

“Managing the forest products is another program that we would encouraged. Currently the local community is focusing on Merbau wood, community mining, agriculture, fisheries and tourism,” said Mara, Sunday (5/1).

Further he said the cash flow of the cooperative for saving and loans was derived and managed by their own member, so far they have not yet receive any support either from the government or other financial institutions.

“This cooperative shall not be gone, we ask the attention from all parties. We believe that the local community have the ability to improve their capacity,” he said.


Moreover, the investor from Shanghai, China, has already showed their interest to agree about the next three months contract on the forest management. Forest management is one of the other program developments. While for the preparation of community mining, KAPP Nabire still continuously prepare the construction’s basecamp and the installation of equipment.

“The type of gold in Nabire is alluvial, meaning it can be seen directly with the naked eye, and no need to be proceed chemically,” further he said.

For the agriculture sector, KAPP Nabire is keep doing surveys in several locations, which are including survey on how to avoid the agricultural land from the flooding threat and survey on soil condition for plantation of different competitive products.

“We hope that at least Nabirecan fulfill their own rice supplies, while we still encourage the improvement of other local foods. In the era of BupatiApYouw, Nabire has been a producer of rice, which are the central of rice locations are including Lagari, Wanggar and some other areas. Besides rice, Nabire also produce other commodities such as corns, soybeans and sweet oranges,” he said.

KAPP Nabire also would develop the tourism programs in several locations that apply the ecotourism concept. For example, the tourism package that will be promoted for the tourists is the gold-panning tourism package, where the tourists can directly doing the gold panning and they can bring home their obtained gold.

There is also the ecotourism package for merbau wood. Some villages have determined merbau as their icon, thus in those villages, the timber harvesting for merbau is prohibited. It was enforced in order to turn merbau as a village’s icon. Usually woods with diameter of one or two meters are forbidden to harvest. Nabire tourism is also no less interesting for travelers with its beautiful beaches. Moreover, there are about dozens of docile sharks in one of its sub-district that travelers can swim and play with.

“Some locations that recommended as the tourism sites are sub-district Yaur, sub-district Napan and sub-district Wanggar as well as some other locations,” he explained.
KAPP Nabirehopes that the indigenous chamber in other districts of Tanah Papuaare not only focusing on the construction and infrastructure, but also to develop the other sectors based on their local natural resources for job creating in particularly for the local indigenous community.

“Some KAPP from districts of Yalimo, Nduga, Paniai and Intan Jaya have coordinated with us to imitate or adopt the programs of KAPP Nabire as a pilot project for the community economic development programs,” he said. (Jubi/Arjuna/P Maizier)

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