Residents in Kamanggi Village - Jubi

Kamanggi Villagers Have Only Enjoyed Electricity for A Year

Residents in Kamanggi Village - Jubi

Residents in Kamanggi Village – Jubi

Merauke, Jubi –  Villagers in Kamanggi Village of Merauke Regency have only enjoyed electricity suppliedc by the state power company PLN for a year following a request of the local government.

He made the revelation during a dialogue with the Indonesian legislator Solaiman Hamzah at Kamanggi Village on last week.

“At that time, people keep asking for electricity to be installed in their village. It was finally realized a year ago. Now people already have enjoyed it,” he said.

Tuwok also revealed Kamanggi Village is one of farming development centers in Merauke Regency, especially  for rice. However, it is still difficult for the people to get assistance such as the provision of farming tools including hand tractors to clear and plow the soil.


“I thank Mr. Solaiman for visiting people at Kamanggi Village and provide the hand tractors,” he said.

Meanwhile Solaiman, a member of Commission IV of the Indonesian House of Representatives, said it is his task and responsibility as people representative to visit and listen the aspiration from the people.

“I do not want to hear from someone else. But I wand to see by myself and find out their problems including their needs,” he said.

He expected the farming tools provided could be used collectively instead of claiming as personal property. The use of tools should be optimized and well maintained. (Frans Kobun/rom)

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