Paddy farm in Merauke - Jubi

Kaiburse Natives Ready to Open 50 Hectares of Paddy Farm

Paddy farm in Merauke - Jubi

Paddy farm in Merauke – Jubi

Merauke, Jubi – Residents of Kaiburse Village, Malind Sub-district of Merauke Regency are ready opening 50 hectares of area for paddy planting, which planned to be done within this year.

The Secretary of Customary Law Institution (LMA) Marind Kaiburse, Paulus Samsakai told Jubi on Monday (31/5/2016) that during the time the local people who mostly indigenous Papuans have opened the land for paddy farming, but on the small scale.

“I have met with the Head of Merauke Plantation and Horticulture Office Bambang Dwiatmoki related to the plan of land opening and responded positively. People expected they could implement it within this year,” he said.

There is no problem with the planting area, he said, because the local people already prepared it. However, he said people expected the government to provide the equipment to help them in soil preparation including the provision of paddy seeds.


“We have agreed to work together with some migrants in this village who were former transmigration program to prepare about 50 hectares of planting area, since they had experience and certainly could assist the local people in the future,” he said.
Councilor of Merauke Legislative Council Moses Kaibu, when asked about this issue, said if it comes from people’s aspiration, in particular indigenous Papuans, the government must respond quicklu. “Yes, what was certainly expected is mentoring provision for them, including how to prepare the soil and seeds to planting and maintaining process. From here, the local people would learn about how to plant and care for good paddy growing,” he said. (Ans K/rom)


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