Kadepa: Human Right Violations Prompt International NGOs’ Support for Papua


Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan Councilor Laurenzus Kadepa said many NGOs in Latin America support Papua’s struggle for independence of Papua because of human right violations by Jakarta.

He said the world and foreign NGOs recognized Papua as a result of right abuses that have occurred here.
He said Papuans are currently being tortured and experiencing violence.

“Let say the foreign NGOs or another countries support the independence of Papua because they only recognized its negative aspect, that is the human right violation. They currently knew a humanitarian crisis is now happening in Papua,” Kadepa told Jubi last week.

He thought it’s normal if there are at least 1,500 NGOs in Latin America to support Papua to be separated from Indonesia. The entire world knew many suffering happened among Papuans on their own land.

“I though it’s normal. It’s real condition in Papua. Papuans were oppressed and experienced violence. It is become a concern of the world because they keep watching the progress in Papua,” he said.


He further said both foreign NGOs and other countries are not judging Papua by its development or other aspects but they saw Papua by its humanitarian aspect. “They knew Papuans always been threaten unfair on their own land. That’s what they thought. They didn’t see the development, health, education or other issues but the aspect of humanitarian crisis,” he said.

Earlier, Fredi Kambu said in Latin America at least 1,500 NGOs supported the Papua free movement. But their support was unfocused because they don’t have idea about who’s exactly the leader of Free Papua Movement. He further said the reason behind their support was because they only recognized Papua from negative aspect blown up by media.

“The foreign NGOs and other countries didn’t know about the positive aspect such as safety, development, community economic development and so on. Human right violation issue is become their favorite,” said Fredi Kambu on Tuesday (17/3/2015). (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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