Juffa wants to give Oro land to West Papuans


Oro, Jubi – Northern Governor Gary Juffa says he would allocate land for West Papua people with PNG citizenship to settle in his province.

“Some are now residing in Northern and I also urge other provinces to allow West Papuans who are now PNG citizens to settle in their provinces,” Juffa said.

During the 53rd West Papuan flag-raising ceremony in Port Moresby on Friday, Juffa also committed K5000 for next year’s anniversary.

The event held at the Jack Pidik Park was to commemorate West Papuans’ independence from their Dutch colonisers in 1964 before their annexing as an Indonesian province. The annexing did not go down well, with some being forced to flee across border to live in PNG.

Meanwhile Jean Parkop, wife of National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop, has urged Papua New Guineans to help the West Papuans to get their citizenship and National Identification Cards.


Parkop, who is also a West Papuan Freedom activist, said: “The government has done its part to allow West Papuans to get their citizenships freely.

“So let’s help and allow them to settle on our land. That is the only way we can help them. Let them stay and take part in our political issues. Let them stay and contribute to our economy until they return to their homes.”(The National/Jubi)

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