Papua persecutors' office (Jubi)


Papua persecutors' office (Jubi)

Papua persecutors’ office (Jubi)

Jayapura, 25/3 (Jubi) – A number of journalists in Jayapura city said they were expelled by officials at the Papua persecutors’ office on Tuesday ( 26/3). reporter Indrayadi said he and some colleagues had sought to interview chief persecutor ES Maruli Hutagalung to seek confirmation on alleged corruption involving two Papuan officials identified as DW and JW.
“A few days earlier, one of the reporters called the chief persecutor but he was in Jakarta. He said that he would meet reporters after he’s back. The journalists called back, and found that he is in Jayapura, ” Indrayadi said on Tuesday (26/3).

He said after he and several reporters arrived at the Papua persecutors’ office, they were told to wait. After waiting for some time on the first floor, an aide to Hutagalung told them to wait  on the second floor.
“But once we went up to the second floor, we saw the chef persecutor walking out of the room with three guests to the first floor. After he went back to the second floor, the aide scolded us,” he said.

“He then told us to leave the second floor rudely and furiously. He also warned that if the reporters did not obey, he would ban them from coming to the office again,” Indra said.


A similar incident was also experienced by local TV reporter, Sisilia Waromi.
“We got yelled at. He said because of journalists he always got scolded by the chief prosecutor,” said Waromi.

While the head of public information, Obeth Ansanay,  denied that he kicked reporters out. He said, this was only a problem of communication.
“It is not true that I kicked the journalists out. I just notified them since there is a procedure that needs to be followed. If they directly meet the chief, I will get scolded,” Obeth Ansanay said.

Chief persecutor ES Maruli Hutagalung apologized for the incident.
“I on behalf of the head of public information apologize for the incident. Yes, I just got a call from a reporter and said that I am in the office. So if you want to come, please come, ” Hutagalung said on Tuesday (25/3). (Jubi/Arjuna/Tina)

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