Victor Mambor (IST)


Victor Mambor (IST)

Victor Mambor (IST)

Jayapura, 23/6 (Jubi) – The supporters of two government officials who determined suspects by the Papua High Prosecutor Office asked media for no longer publish any news related to their colleagues.

“We won’t allow the journalists reporting the case because everyone already knew about it. If don’t, we will find the editorial office. You already knew their problem, why you keep publishing their name, it’s not right,” said a supporter who decline his name to be written after the protest in the Papua High Prosecutor Office on Monday (23/6).

According to him, as part of family and Papuan society, he felt disappointed and thought it could be raise a conflict among the people.
“So we asked people to stop their comments. We have been here since Friday to protest and clarify this issue. Some people on behalf the communication forum, the anti-corruption forum has came to the High Prosecutor Office said the governor has hindered came here since Friday to protest and to clarify this issue. Some people on behalf of the communication forum, anti-corruption forum came to the High Prosecutor Office telling the Governor of Papua has hindered the attorney to examine both suspects. It was not true. The governor never intervened their examination,” he said.

He further said both suspects were The Acting Regent of Lanny Jaya Regency. They only issued the memo while the local Election Commission used the budget for the Local Head Election.
“There was no regulation about the requirement of MoU. The regulation was effective in 2012 while the case alleged to them was occurred in 2010. Do not let this case disturbing their concentration to work as the government officials of Papua Province,” he said.


Meanwhile the Chairman of the Alliance of Independent Journalist Jayapura said whatever behind the reason, no one or certain group could have a right hindering the journalists to do their journalistic tasks.
“They might be a reason about the name of suspects were published but they can not hinder the journalists for doing their jobs. They could be charged and reported to the police. In addition, they said they would look after the editorial office who report about the case,” said Victor Mambor. (Jubi/Arjuna)

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