Ilustration (IST)


Ilustration (IST)

Ilustration (IST)

Sorong, 20/4 ( Jubi ) – Five journalists allegedly demanded cash from an oil contractor who has been arrested for fuel smuggling.

Wati, the wife of IY, one of the suspects of the smugling of 5 tons of fuel  in South Sorong, said that her husband had given some money to the five journalists in Sorong city.

A journalist identified as AP claimed to work for the Corruption Eradication Newspaper (KPK), IW for Amunisi Media, AN  for West Papua Post and DS for West Papua TV, Wati said.

The employer for the other journalist with the initials PB is unknown, she said.


Wati said she was reluctant to report them to the Police, saying she left it to God.
“I have given up. Let my husband go through this process. Regarding the problem of the five journalists, it is my husband’s business because he knows better when and how much the money was handed over” Wati told (19/4).

Wati said the journalists often asked for money to her husband. Two of them often met her husband before he was arrested.

The chairman of the Indonesian Journalists Association ( PWI) in Sorong, Yakop Nauli also appeared reluctant to discuss the five individual journalists because until now there is no police report. However Yakop said he will check whether the five journalists are members of PWI.

They would be dismissed if they were proven to have received money, he said.
“PWI will process them when the police name them as suspects. We won’t give the sanctions, when later we find out that they are not under our umbrella, ” Nauli said.

Furthermore, he said the ball was now in Wati’s court.
“If they felt aggrieved, please report them to the police. We PWI will support and this case should be a lesson for other media to monitor and reprimand their employees who act outside the rules. ( Jubi / Nees/ Tina )

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