Jokowi Must Take Care of Papua with Heart : Komarudin Watubun Says


Jakarta, Jubi – A member of Parliament from PDIP, Komarudin Watubun, said Setya Novanto’s resignation as Chairman of the House of Representatives for ethical violations is a momentum to defend the people of Papua.

“I hope everyone does not just stop at the results of the trial MKD. There is a snowball that must be dismantled to the core, “said Komarudin, in Jakarta on Thursday (17/12/2015).

He continued, during the presence of PT. Freeport in Papua, is only used as a platform of central government’s interests.

“And Papuans become the victims. Shooting continues to occur. Now the people of Papua demand firm steps from President Jokowi, “he added.

Members of Parliament from Papua felt responsible for the policies of President Jokowi in Papua, because he was the first to invite Jokowi in Papua at the end of the legislative election campaign last year.


At that time, he entrusted Papua to Jokowi to not only take care with his mind but also with heart Thus, the Papuan people can avoid any conflict of interests related to the presence of PT. Freeport.

“That should be the entrance for Jokowi to realize his promise,” he stated.

He added Jokowi should act decisively against the attitude, action, and the actions of his subordinates. Began lobbying from Freeport to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Chief of Staff of the presidential mentioned, the Attorney General of the reporting and recording strange phenomenon, the attitude of the Police, Immigration, and many others which should be dealt with Jokowi.

“This is an opportunity to realize his promise to save natural resources and do business more profitable for the nation and the people of Indonesia,” he added. (*/ Tina)

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