Jokowi when visit Jayapura during his campaign (Jubi)

Joko Widodo to Hand Out Smart Cards at Hamadi Market

Jokowi when visit Jayapura during his campaign (Jubi)

Jokowi when visit Jayapura during his campaign (Jubi)

Jayapura, Jubi – President Joko Widodo is scheduled to hand out three “magic cards” during his visit to Papua from 8-9 May.

Mayor of Jayapura, Benhur Tommy Mano said, Jayapura City Government has made various preparations related the agenda.
“We’ve done the preparation that President will distribute three cards: Indonesia Smart Card (KIP), Card Healthy Indonesia (KIS) and Card Family Welfare (KKS). It will take place in Hamadi, South Jayapura district,” Mano said.

In addition, Indonesian President will inaugurate the use of optical cables owned by PT Telkom Indonesia, lay the first stone of bridge-Holtekamp construction in Hamadi and the inauguration of IPDN campus.
“This agenda is fixed based on the meeting at the Ministry of Social Affairs some time ago and has been sent the Director General of the Ministry of Social Affairs to visit the location of distribution directly,” he added.

Director of IPDN Papua Margaretha Rumbekwan said it had prepared his visit in according to presidential protocol procedures.
“The visit is to inaugurate IPDN building with an area of ​​35 hectares which was build by Ministry of Home Affairs,” she stated. (Sindung Sukoco/ Tina)


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