Joko Widodo Should Have Discussed Healthcare instead of Crossroad Project in Nduga


Enarotali, Jubi – The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, should have tackled the death of 47 toddlers in Mbuwa, Nduga Regency, Papua during his second visit to Papua recently.

“He should and must talk about health issues, including the death of 47 toddlers in Mbuwa Sub-district, Nduga Regency, instead of talking about the construction of Wamena – Nduga road. We don’t want his empty promises to Papuans, such as a market for Papuan women traders, Paniai case settlement,

flyovers, railways and so on,” said the Chairman of Student Association of Papua Central Highland in Indonesia (AMPTI) of Eastern Indonesia, Natan Naftali Tebai on Monday (4/1/2016).

He asserted in his current visit, the president only did a mapping on the potencies of natural resources for economic purpose. “So, we ask Mr. President to not come to Papua before realizing his last promises. Papuans need no one talking nonsense and do nothing,” said Tebay who was a member of volunteer team of Jokowi for President 2014 in Papua.

Earlier, after visiting Wamena City, Jayawijaya Regency for the second time (30/12/2015), the President Joko Widodo promised he would return to the Papua Central Highland region to monitor the Wamena-Nduga crossroad project that expected to be completed in next year.


“If not (done on time), I would scold the Minister of General Works and People Housing,” Jokowi told people during lunch in a people festive held in Lapangan Pendidikan Wamena on Tuesday (31/12/2015).

He stated if the crossroad was done, the prices of nine basic commodities, cement, and fuel could be reduced to 50 percent. On that occasion, he observed the road construction at Kenyam Village, Nduga Regency, which is one of the most isolated regions in Papua.

Besides being isolated, the road connecting Nduga and Wamena is located in the red zone or considerably has the high-risk security. This road construction is expected to improve such conditions within this area.

“Thus, the entire roads must be easy to access first. The distribution of goods must be done and the prices must be cheaper at that time,” said Widodo. (Abeth You/rom)

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