Land will be used by PT Nabire Baru - Special Source

Joint Coalition Urges PT. Nabire Baru to Be Responsible

Land will be used by PT Nabire Baru - Special Source

Land will be used by PT Nabire Baru – Special Source

Jayapura, Jubi – The Joint Coalition for Palm Oil Victims urged PT Nabire Baru to be responsible for environmental damage in Sima village in Nabire due to its operations.

The coalition demanded PT. Nabire Baru sign a pact with the Gua Yerisiam tribe in order to protect indigenous rights.
“We request PT. Nabire Baru to compensate the damage of culture, environment, artifacts and places of historic sites that has been done and is being done. We also ask Papua Policeto pull Papua Mobile Brigade out from the plantation area because its dutiy was unclear in the area. It does stigmatization, and propagandize the customary owners. It is worring that there will be a victim of the process, ” said one of the coalition member to the Jubi last week.

The coalition also asked the governor to do a moratorium to PT. Nabire Baru, so that the process of reconciliation and intentions can be realized. Currently, PT.Nabire Baru is stubborn and ignores the issue of indigenous rights.
“If some of the points above are not followed by the company, we then ask the Governor of Papua to revoke licenses of PT Nabire Baru,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, tribal leader of Yerisiam, Daniel Yarawob, when contacted by Jubi said, it has given a mandate to the coalition to advocate. (Arnold Belau/ Tina)


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