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Tuesday, 9 June 2015 - 16:04 WIB

Job Seekers in Papua Province Up 10 Percent

Job seeker in West Papua - jubi

Job seeker in West Papua - jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The number of job seekers in Papua rose to 90,000 as of June, according to Manpower and Population Affairs Office of Papua Province.

Training and Employment Department Head of Provincial Manpower and Population Affairs Office, Rano said in Jayapura on Monday (8/6/2015) that the number of job seekers in the province increases to 10 percent than previous year. “The number of job seekers in 2014 hit up to 80,000 while now it increases up to 90 thousand,” he said.

According to Rano, job seekers are distributed in 29 regencies/municipality of Papua Province and dominated by high school graduates. “However, 90 thousand job seekers are also composed of elementary school to college graduates,” he said.

But he said job opportunities and employment actually is still widely open in Papua Province, so if they keep trying, these 90 job seekers must get a job. “The wide opportunity of employment in Papua Province is the agricultural sector, so if they are smart, they could get a job,” he said.

Further he added his office divides the type of employment into two categories: formal and informal. For instance, Civil Servant for formal, and agricultural sector for informal. (*/rom)


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