Jefrai Murib (Jubi)


Jefrai Murib (Jubi)

Jefrai Murib (Jubi)

Jayapura, 27/4 (Jubi) – Jefrai Murib, who was sentenced to life for the theft of an arms depot in Wamena, is still undergoing physiotherapy for brain damage caused by a stroke.

Murib has undergone physiotherapy at the General Hospital in Dok II Jayapura since last year, with a medical team examining his brain.

Earlier, he was treated at the General Hospital Biak, where he was imprisoned, but he was later transferred to the Abepura Prison so that he could get further treatment in Dian Harapan Hospital.

However, the Abepura authorities sent him to the General Hospital Dok II since his medical cost would be covered using the medical insurance for Papuans.
“The Abepura authorities insisted on sending him to the General Hospital Dok II using the medical insurance for Papuans. Currently, he is still doing his therapy,” a human right activist from KontraS Papua, Baguma, said (26/4).


The medical team confirmed that based on his brain scanning result, Murib suffered brain damage on the front left and right of the brain.

The neurologist, Dr. Halomoan Saragih, said Murib’s condition would become worst if the damage affected the both side of his brain at once.
“Jefrai is still doing his activities normally because there is brain internal activity that blocks the progress of brain damage,” said Dr. Saragih. (Jubi/Mecky/rom)

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