Frater Neles Tebay (Jubi)

JDP Holds Discussion to Listen to Women’s Perspectives

Frater Neles Tebay (Jubi)

Frater Neles Tebay (Jubi)

Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua Peace Network (JDP) held a public consultation at P3W building in Padang Bulan, Jayapura  on Monday(13/10).

Father Neles Tebay in the opening discussion stated that one thing that makes Jakarta – Papua dialogue process is running slowly is because Papua and the Indonesian government are not ready.

Some Papuans want a dialogue and some do not, he said.

JDP has expanded the network and made new friends and supporters both in Papua, at the national level and at international level.


Another speaker, Bernarda Meterai, said dialogue needs strategy, planning and socializing in all aspects.
“The most important thing of all this process is how Papuan women feel peaceful and safe in their profession,” she told Jubi after this public discussion.

According to her, many Papuan children were born by the women who experienced a sense of insecurity. “Today was amazing as it is raised in this discussion.” she added. (Aprila Wayar/Tina)

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