Frater Neles Tebay (Jubi)

JDP: Elected President Capable Of Resolving Papua Issues

Frater Neles Tebay (Jubi)

Frater Neles Tebay (Jubi)

Abepura, Jubi – Incoming President Joko Widodo and his vice president are expected to be able to resolve the Papua conflict peacefully, because both figures had good records in solving both small and major problems, said Papua Peace Network (JDP) coordinator Pastor Neles Tebay.

Pastor Tebay said Jokowi  is responsive to the Papua issue.
“He is the one who likes to go out to find solutions. He has proven this when he was the governor of DKI Jakarta,” he said in Abepura on Wednesday (8/10).

Neles said Vice President-elect Jusuf Kalla had some experience resolving conflicts in Ambon and Poso, and also contributed in the negotiation between Indonesia and the Aceh Free Movement (GAM).

Therefore he believes Kalla is fully aware of the importance of communication among conflicting parties to sit together for a solution.
“Many parties have encouraged Jokowi-JK to endorse a dialogue between Jakarta and Papua. JK fully understands the importance of dialogue. I believe he will support a dialogue,” Tebay said.


He said, a solution is possible because the president’s transition team include NGO activists, academics, and Papuans who favor a dialogue to promote  trust.

“However, everything will be clear after the presidential inauguration. Whether the problem would be resolved through a dialogue or not, it depends on the President and his deputy. But most people suggested a dialogue,” said Tebay.

Pastor Tebay said he hoped Papuans will get involved in developing Papua as peaceful land. Papuans have identified the problems and offered solutions to such problems.
“If a dialogue takes place, Papuans must be involved and feel responsible for their own problems. Because it would be difficult to ensure all parties that the problems belong to them,” he said.

Therefore, Pastor Neles Tebai said the Papua Peace Network (JDP) has opened the spaces of discussion that involved all related parties, including the Central Government, Pro-Independence Papuans, local government, local associations in Papua, Military, Police, foreign and domestic companies, West Papua Liberation Army, and Papuans who live abroad; and provide a peaceful concept in a dialogue Papua-Jakarta.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Papua Customary Council for Lapago Region, Lemok Mabel said a dialogue is not a new thing. Papuans have voiced it since 2000. Currently Papuans are waiting the response from the Central Government to solve the conflict in Papua through a dialogue. Therefore he expected the Widodo’s administrative to be opened for a dialogue with Papuans, because Papuans believed dialogue is the best way to find a best solution in conflict resolution.
“Dialogue is the solution we expected. No dialogue means no solution. Because we say “peace” but in reality it is the land of conflict,” he told Jubi by phone on Thursday (9/10). (Benny Mawel/rom)

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