Service at a clinic at RSUD Wamena - Jubi/Islami

Jayawijaya has yet to pass health minimum service standard


Service at a clinic at RSUD Wamena – Jubi/Islami

Wamena, Jubi – Jayawijaya Regency’s Government has not been able to reach 12 indicator of minimum service standard (SPM) in health sector, which is conditions to make local area continues to push its health sector in accordance with the regulation of the minister of health.

“It slowly began to be fulfilled, for the sake of service to the community,” said Assistant I Sekda Jayawijaya, Living Wusono, after leading the commemoration ceremony of 53th National Health Day (HKN) on Monday (November 13).

Before setting up 12 indicators, SPM have 18 indicators. “We are currently working on a program that touches the community, such as assistance to the Puskesmas’ (local health centre) service,” said Live added.

Unfortunately he did not mention any indicator that has not been achieved, but he ensures has received various achievements in the field of health and it is the motivation to continue to improve performance.


Based on the regulation of health minister number 43 year 2016 on health service MSM, the 12 basic service indicators mentioned include maternal health services according to antenatal care standards, maternal health services, newborn health services, toddler health services, health services at the age of basic education, health services at the productive age.(*)

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