Activities of community in Muliama District, Jayawijaya-Jubi/Islami

Jayawijaya regency prepared agricultural commodity zone


Activities of community in Muliama District, Jayawijaya-Jubi/Islami

Wamena, Jubi – In order to respond the high demand of vegetables in Jayawijaya, local government plans to implement a regional program of commodity in 10 districts this year. Over the years the needs of vegetables in Jayawijaya came from outside.

The government has established 10 locations in 10 districts as the location of the farm vegetables. Head of Plant Horticulture at the Department of Agriculture and Food Crops Jayawijaya, Yudhalara Monim said the site selection based on near watersheds (DAS).

According to Monim, one of the causes of vegetables crisis in Jayawijaya is no specialized labor who works as vegetable farmer.

People who used to be vegetables growers have now switched professions, so it affects the availability of vegetables in the market.


Head of Horticulture Section of Jayawijaya Agriculture and Foodstuffs Department, Irmayanti said they will work to improve and develop the commodity according to the potential land area.

Irmayanti said special commodities of Jayawijaya are cayenne pepper, cabbage, cauliflower, green beans, and cabbage. “In addition we will encourage for onion and various kind of fruits to be planted,” she said.

They have prepared experts who are ready to work in the field with the involvement of extension workers, to assist program and activities related to horticulture.

The Chairman of Petra Balim School of Plantation, Fredrik Rumbiak support and give his appreciation to the government Jayawijaya who ready to implement commodity zone programs in that area.

Fredrik responded positively to the government program. For him it is a right step for developing agricultural land in Jayawijaya.(*)

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