Elections process in highland (Jubi)


Alections process in Wamena, Jayawijaya (Jubi)

Alections process in Wamena, Jayawijaya (Jubi)

Wamena, 28/4 (Jubi) – Police in Jayawijaya regency has discovered thousands of unused ballots intended for legislative elections in Tolikara regency.

The Jayawijaya Police Chief, Senior Adjunct Commissioner Adolf Beay said the ballots were found  at a rented house at Jalan Papua Wamena after the house owner reported to the police.
“The ballots were discovered on Sunday (27/4) at 20.00 Papua time by the officers who guarded Gang Papua based on the report made by Lenus Tabuni,” Beay told reporters at his office on Monday (28/4).

They also discovered a document of vote counting in the ballot boxes.

From the investigation, the ballots were initially allocated for the voting of national legislators, regional representatives and provincial legislators from Bokondini, Bokoneri, Bewani and Kaboneri sub-districts of Tolikara Regency.


However, the ballots for Bokondini Sub-district were taken away by the perpetrator before the police arrived at the scene.

The Police chief said those ballots are still new and now have been secured in the Jayawijaya Police station. He said he suspected that the perpetrator might have intended to misuse the ballots. He also said he had contacted the Tolikara police to follow up on the finding.

The evidence should be investigated by joint investigators of Tolikara Regency.
“To reveal this case, we should call the Chairmen of Sub-district Election Committee of four sub-districts, that are Bokondini, Kaboneri, Bokonneri and Gewani as they were responsible in the distribution of the election logistics,” said the chief.

The Secretary of the election commission in Tolikara, Yustinus Padang, told tabloidjubi.com by phone that the local commission has received the report on the finding. He said he has not seen those ballots yet.  The vote counting plenary meeting at the regency level was held on 22 April while the finding occurred on 27 April.
“Of those four sub-districts, each has reported their voting recapitulation on 14 April 2014 at sub-district level,” Padang said.

He acknowledged the KPU Tolikara didn’t know about the finding because all ballots were well distributed to the entire Sub-district Election Committees before the election say.
“The commission was surprised about the finding , because we have conducted all plenary phases at 46 existing local committees, so we have to question it,” he said. (Jubi/Islami/rom)

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