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Jayawijaya Police Chief: No Compromise for KNPB

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Wamena, Jubi – Police will not compromise or allow the West Papua National Committee to conduct activities in any form, Jayawijaya police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Ronny TH Abaa said.

He told reporters on Monday (25/5/2015) after a security briefing at the Jayawijaya police headquarters to anticipate protests organized by KNPB planned for 28 May 2015.
“Our readiness indicates our concern in preparing the personnel to anticipate the KNPB’s plan for da emonstration on 28 May 2015. The Jayawijaya Police would not compromise and accommodate any kind of their activities including this,” he said.

For that reason, the Jayawijaya police will prepare 270 personnel, he said.
“There are some critical points that can become targets, but we will see our personnel’s progress on the ground. By tomorrow we will run and improve the regular police’s check,” he said.

Further he appealed the local residents of Jayawijaya and surrounding areas for not being provoked and supporting the KNPB in protest on May 2015, therefore the police could restricted their movement to avoid any risks on the ground.
“Any forms of anarchy or those who against the law would be treated according to the proper procedure. Today we have prepared the supporting facilities such as tears gas, rubber bullets and empty bullets in order to control the crowd on the ground. And to the personnel in charge, they must be in self-control and discipline,” stressed the Chief. (Islami/rom)


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