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Jayawijaya Police arrested mafia hoarders BBM


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Wamena, Jubi – Member of Jayawijaya Police Resort, Polda Papua, arrested a man suspected of being a member of ‘mafia fuel’ (BBM) in the area.

Jayawijaya Police Chief, AKBP Yan Pieter Reba, in Wamena said the arrest of a taxi driver was made on Friday (September 22) when he wanted to bring three fuel drums from Jayawijaya to Elelim in Yalimo Regency.

“I have arrested one person who tried to bring about 600 liters of fuel without permission and now the person is being processed, I also ordered a detective to hold the car and fuel as proof,” said AKBP Yan Pieter Reba.

From the findings, said Kapolres, the fuel was purchased in Wamena with a standard price. Therefore the police will explore who the provider of fuel to the driver concerned.


“Lately, fuel has suddenly disappeared from circulation, I suspect that there are inventories that are deliberately stockpiled and then sold at industrial prices outside of Wamena at a fairly high price, which is clearly a deliberate factor,” he said.

To uncover the scarcity of fuel, cement, and lack of some basic needs in society, Jayawijaya Police will conduct operations and on Tuesday (September 26). The police will invite district officials to discuss the issues facing the community.

Yan Pieter suspects the scarcity of public needs is because of speculation from certain elements and the police will reveal the perpetrators involved in the activity.

“I suspect there is a lot of speculation on the game and it is irresponsible to the policy given to them – which are cement distributors or distributors of fuel from APMS,” he said.(*)


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