Jayawijaya Legislative Council Will Launch Special Committee


Wamena, Jubi – To follow up people’s aspiration about rejection on the government’s plan to build the Mobile Brigade Headquarter in Jayawijaya Regency, the local council will launch a special committee.

Jayawijaya Legislative Council’s Commission A for Legal and Human Right held a meeting last week at the local parliament office to discuss about people’s aspiration. It was deliberated into two main issues that are rejection on government’s plan to set Maloma (located at the border area of Wouma, Walesi and Asolokobal sub-districts) as location of headquarter and rejection on the presence of the Mobile Brigade itself in Jayawijaya Regency in general.

To follow up the first issue, the local council agreed to conduct a field visit on Friday (13/3/2015) to listen people’s aspiration in three sub-districts, Wouma, Walesi and Asolokobal. Meanwhile in responding to the second issue, it would launch a special committee and invite the representatives of Jayawijaya’s sub-districts communities for dialogue.

“We’ve just got a meeting, and at first we will conduct a follow up action to visit three sub-districts to discuss about the location,” Jayawijaya Legislative Council’s Second Deputy Chairman Soleman Elosak after the meeting (13/3/2015).

After hearing with local community, the local council will immediately launch a special committee and invite all related stakeholders in Jayapura Regency including residents from 40 sub-districts of Jayawijaya Regency.


Meanwhile, Jayawijaya Legislative Council’s Commission A Chairman Herman Pabika said after the field visit, the special committee will be launched. Further it would invite both government and judicial representatives for dialogue. “It is to fulfill people’s satisfaction. Through dialogue, we will find out anyone who reject or accept this plan. All of us can be satisfied of the result,” Pabika said. (Ronny Hisage/rom)

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