Cements crisis and fuel price hike hit Jayawijaya - Jubi

Jayawijaya hit by gasoline and cement crisis


Cements crisis and fuel price hike hit Jayawijaya – Jubi

Wamena, Jubi – Jayawijaya regency was hit by a gasoline and cement crisis when the price was not in line with the government’s decree.

This condition makes the Office of Manpower and Industry (Disnakerindag) promised to act against the perpetrators of the causes of crisis.

“The increase of fuel price of gasoline does not happen because of the scarcity, three APMS (smallest gas station) are still operating and remain open to serve every day,” said Head of Manpower Office of Industry and Trade (Disnakerindag) Jayawijaya, Arisman Chaniago told reporters , Sunday (September 17).

He explained that the retail price of gasoline ranging from Rp 15 thousand to Rp 18 thousand per liter, caused retailers to get a high price of Rp 12 thousand to Rp 13 thousand per liter.


Arisman is watching the retailers and making sure there are no components that cause prices to rise. “In the near future we will conduct curbing against naughty retailers who still sell gasoline over Rp 10 thousand,” said Arisman added.

The fuel price hike and scarcity of gasoline have also caused scarcity of cement building materials in Jayawijaya regency. This is due to the poor supply while demand is quite high.

“According to the traders, suppliers of construction materials have sufficient stock in Jayapura, but the constraint is on issue of transport from Jayapura to Wamena,” said Arisman.

Disnakerindag has coordinated with aviation in order to pay attention to the availability of stock in the market, specifically to prioritize the materials that are scarce in the Market. “The goal is that price volatility in the Wamena market can be avoided,” he said.

Chairman of the Jayawijaya Jayawijaya Joint Administration of Indonesia (GAPENSI), Fredrik Huby, questioned the shortage of cement stock and fuel price hikes in Jayawijaya regency.

According to him, the second crisis of economic commodity proof that the visit of Minister of SOE to Jayawijaya some time ago did not bring any change. “And still have not been able to answer the needs of cement in the mountains and Jayawijaya regency,” said Fredik Huby.

He said the price of cement can reach 650 thousand per sack in the building store.(*)

Source: Tabloidjubi.com

Editor: Zely Ariane

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