Jayawijaya Government to Spend Rp 34 Billion to Build Potikelek Market


Wamena, Jubi – Potikelek traditional market intended for Papuan was inaugurated by Jayawijaya regent Wempi Wetipo on Tuesday (24/02).

The aim to build the market is to protect and increase the economy of native Papuans.

Based on data from the Department of Industry and Trade, the market cost Rp. 34 billion to build and took four years to finish, Wetipo said.
“We spent Rp. 34 billion. There are still more concrete actions that we want to do for the people,” Wetipo told reporters.

The regent also would like to thank women traders who compete for economic development in Jayawijaya with people from outside Papua.
“Actually mama–mama have helped economy in Jayawijaya. Therefore, the Industry and Trade department will record them in order to provide capital to build a better economic future,” he added. (Islami/ Tina)


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