Sex workers at Dolly (IST)


Sex workers at Dolly (IST)

Sex workers at Dolly (IST)

Wamena, 3/7 (Jubi) – Some local governments in Papua are anticipating the arrival of sex workers from the Dolly red light district of Surabaya to Papua.

Second Assistant of Jayawijaya Regional Secretary, Gaad Piranit Tabuni, said the local government did not have any information on whether any Dolly sex workers had arrived there.
“That’s a common situation, but it might not happen. I don’t know about it,” Tabuni said on Thursday (3/7).

However preventive measures should be taken to prevent them from plying their trade in Jayawijaya, which is already struggling with the problem of sex workers.
“Their arrival could be a burden for the local government because it could harm the condition here,” said Tabuni who also the Chairman of the Jayawijaya AIDS Commission.

Jayawijaya Regent Wempi Wetipo said the government has overcome the street prostitutes by classifying them in groups. But outside of the groups, the number of prostitutes has increased to influence the higher number of HIV/AIDS in Jayawijaya.
“It’s difficult to overcome the problem related to the street prostitutes who are not settled. Today they are here; tomorrow they are going to Lanny Jaya, Tolikara, Yalimo and return to Wamena. Their movement are difficult to be controlled, it’s hard to protect them,” Wetipo said.


According to him, people refuse to have sex localization in Jayawijaya, therefore the street prostitutes are currently staying with their families and could not be identified.
“It’s our problem now. We can’t protect them because we find difficulties to detect them since they live with their families,” he said. (Jubi/Ronny Hisage/rom)

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