Jayapura Regent Matius Awoitau - Jubi

Jayapura to Build Teachers’ Housing in Depapre

Jayapura Regent Matius Awoitau - Jubi

Jayapura Regent Matius Awoitau – Jubi

Sentani, Jubi – The Jayapura Regional Government is planning to build housing for teachers working in Depapre and its surrounding area in response the residents’ complaint about education services within the areas.

“Houses for teachers actually have been built near to the school but they weren’t occupied due to lack of a clean water facility. It is also a constraint for teachers to get along and enjoy their tasks,” the Regent Matius Awoitau explained in Depapre Sub-District on Saturday (25/6/2016).

He also questioned the residents’ reliability to support the assigned teachers in their region. “What is the support from the local residents here? To provide the clean water, is that hard?” he said.

For that reason, the regent would build a flat for the teachers in that area soon. Separately, Sub-district Chief Ganefor la Budo said the sub-district office would optimize their efforts in facilitating this issue with the residents. “Regional Government is now trying to provide better education system in this region. But there are those who still not understand. As the chief, we will conduct mediation and coordination with the local residents to give their support for human resources development through education,” he said. (Engelbert Wally).


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