Floods in Jayapura city, last month (Jubi)


Floods in Jayapura city, last month (Jubi)

Floods in Jayapura city, last month (Jubi)

Jayapura, 23/4 (Jubi) –  Recent floods that hit the city of Jayapura should trigger the government of Jayapura Municipality to seriously pay attention to city planning and drainage, Papua Greenpeace Campaign Coordinator Charles Tawaru said.

“The government should look back and reevaluate Jayapura’s city planning and fix drainage that can not accommodate the flow of water coming from the hills,” Tawaru told tabloidjubi.com on BTN Puskopad, Tanah Hitam, Jayapura city, Papua on Wednesday (23/4).

The habits of Jayapura residents especially those who live in Youtefa market, Hamadi market and other places, also worsen the problem. When raining , garbage is swept away to the gutters and clog waterways.
“It triggered the flood water in the town. Water catchment areas should be fixed and built, particularly in the areas that was not intended for development, but development is now happening without attention to the utilization of space,” he explained.

He hopes new areas where houses, shops are built will be reviewed to prevent water catchment areas from being used for construction.
“For example Perumanas IV Padangbulan and Entrop, these areas experienced reclamation. Previously, the area was a swamp or mangrove forest that have enough soil pores to absorb water in, “he added.


There is also a collection of material along Cycloop Nature Reserve. “So when heavy rainfall, there will be material carried away and clogging drains, resulting in flooding,” he explained.

Member of Commission C of Papua Legisltive Council, Christian Kondobua acknowledged that there is an excess of land exploitation in Jayapura city.
“Yes I agree with it, due to lack of firm control by the local government, especially the Department of City Planning in issuing permits for developers and individuals. So that the protected areas are destroyed, ” Kondobua. (Jubi / Aprila/ Tina)

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