Jayapura School Runs IT Department, Despite Teachers Limitation


Jayapura, Jubi – Despite a shortage of educators in Sciences and Technology, SMK N 2 (vocational school) in Jayapura will establish  a Computer Engineering Network (TKJ).

The principal of SMK 2 Jayapura City, Elia Waromi, S.Pd explained that TKJ program opened last July and number of applicants were quite high.

“When we first opened, the applicants were up to two classes. Only we could not accept them all, “Waromi stated on Friday (21/11).

He said there was a shortage of teachers in the field of IT and classroom avalaibility.
” IT teachers are still limited as well as classroom. Hence this year we only open for one class, “he added.

Although only one class, the learning process goes well. Mostly TKJ teachers recruited had competence and experience in the IT field. “They are professional teachers,” Waromi said


Related lack of teachers especially those with competence in the field of IT, it always addressed on the meeting with Jayapura City Department of Education. “We need specialized teaching staff who have skills in the IT field,” he said.

Almost all vocational schools in the city of Jayapura already have IT skills programs, such as SMK 1, N 2, SMK 5, SMK 9, and SMKYapis Dok 5.

Meanwhile, head of high school / vocational division, Clifford Korwa, via short message explained the expansion of the IT department and Tourism in various vocational schools in the city of Jayapura opened because the interest of graduated junior high school students was quite large.

“The growth of the hospitality business in Jayapura last few years increased rapidly. This has become one of the driving we want to print the workforce in the field of hospitality that is ready to use. It is also for the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015, “he said. (Sindung Sukoco/ Tina)

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