Students in Jayapura (Jubi)

Jayapura Municipality To Implement Online Exams in 2016

Students in Jayapura (Jubi)

Students in Jayapura (Jubi)

Jayapura, Jubi – The Jayapura Municipality government will start implementing online national examinations (UN) in 2016, said Clifford Korwa, the chairman of the UN Committee of Jayapura Municipality Education Office.

“We are not part of eight provinces who implementing the Online UN, but for sure we will follow their step in 2016,” Korwa said in Jayapura Municipality Office on Monday (27/10).  He said the proper education database is part of evaluation point measuring the readiness of local Education Office to run the Online UN.

“The education database is not only about the teachers allowance, but also anything related to the school included the infrastructure and facilities such as class room, human resources and et cetera. Everything could be integrated in what we called the education database,” he said.

While, the School Principal Alex Tettol said SMP 1 (High School) Jayapura agreed about the Online UN. “We are very agree about it, and we’re ready. But the most important is its server must be able to accommodate the data of all school in Indonesia, do not let us waiting until 5 days to get connection,” he said.


The Minister of Education and Cultural will change the UN mechanism in 2015 because all education level has been applying the Curriculum 2013.
“It’s not possible to change it now, because the pupils who applied the Curriculum 2013 are not participated yet in UN,” Sukemi, the Special Officer of Media Communication Division of the Education and Cultural Ministry said in Surabaya last week.

Further Sukemi explained the UN would still become the standard of evaluation. It was referred to the existing standard for all education levels, and it is also the mandate of National Education Law which is becoming a measurement to compare the education standard with other countries.
“But its mechanism could be adjusted with the Curriculum 2013 when it has been applied to all pupils. Currently the Curriculum 2013 is only applied for the pupils of First and Fourth Grade (Elementary School), of Seventh Grade (Junior High School) and of Tenth Grande (High School),” Sukemi said. (Sindung Sukoco/rom)

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