Jayapura Mayor Reject Construction of Cargo Port at Teluk Yotefa


Jayapura, Jubi – Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tommy Mano said he was opposed to PT. Pelindo’s plan to build a cargo port at Teluk Yotefa.

“I will not allow PT. Pelindo to build a cargo port at Teluk Yoteva, because we already have one at Depapre. Jayapura City seaport is only for passengers and goods,” he told reporters on Tuesday (20/01) in Sian Soor Ballrom at Mayor Office.

According to him, Teluk Yoftefa has been designated as a tourism area and attracted several investors while the development of this area would start later this year or in 2016.

“The point is the Municipal Government will not issue a permit for the construction of a cargo port at Teluk Yotefa. PT. Pelindo can probably look for another location. Moreover, they’ve never met me,” he said.

The major further said currently the Jayapura seaport is very crowded with the containers; therefore the cargo port at Depapre would be immediately operated.
“A cargo port at Teluk Yotefa? We see that bay area is not appropriate place to build a cargo port because of the depth of its water,” he said.


Meanwhile, as reported by Berita Lima Online, the Director of PT. Pelindo Jayapura, Jusuf Yunus said in anticipating the crowded of containers at the Jayapura seaport in the future, Teluk Yoteva area is projected becoming a location of new seaport.
“Teluk Yotefa area is very considerable for a future seaport. Besides located at the central of the city, it also qualify to accommodate the movement of ships comparing to Jayapura Seaport where only has a narrow turnover space for the ships,” Jusuf Yunus told Jubi on Thursday (15/01). (Arnold Belau/rom)

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