Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tommi Mano (Jubi/Sindung)

Jayapura Mayor Agrees on Civil Servant’s Moratorium

Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tommi Mano (Jubi/Sindung)

Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tommi Mano (Jubi/Sindung)1

Jayapura, Jubi – Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tommi Mano agreed on the proposal to impose a  moratorium on civil servant recruitment within next five years.  

Mano said the moratorium will support the Jayapura Municipal Government to maintain  the balance between public service expenses and staffing expenditure.
“It means the staffing expenditure must be 10 percent. Currently our public service expenses are almost equal with the staffing expenditure,” Manor told Jubi on Thursday (30/10).

He said the staff recruitment in his municipal office would be more focused on the future needs. “We already have a lot of staffs, but we will consider the requirement on specific positions, such as accountants, teachers and medical staffs,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Municipal Civil Service Agency, Frans Pekey declared his support on the moratorium planning. “I thought the Municipal Government need to be more focused on structuring the existing employees, including those who were in the functional positions in each government’s agencies, so we will be more aware about the government’s needs, and it is inline with the moratorium.


According to him, the recruitment in the Municipal Government was not only for accommodating the unemployment, but it is aimed to recruit those who are competent. “How could those who are not competent will provide good public service to the people? Thus, it’s our concern,” said Pekey. (Sindung Sukoco/rom)

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