Jayapura District is not free from rabies



Sentani, Jubi – Head of Livestock and Community Sanitation Division, drh. Adorfina Wompere, said Jayapura Regency area is still not safe from rabies, viruses and diseases common to animals.

From the data collected for the Papua Province scale, historically Jayapura regency was categorized as rabies free. But the threat coem of islands close to Papua, who deliberately entered with their pets so as not to close the possibility of danger of rabies a threat to the people of Jayapura district.

“For the time being we are rabies-free, the data we gather to support the province’s data for rabies-free status is just that we are now in a position to be threatened with rabies because the islands closest to Papua are rabies-positive areas, “explained Adorfina in Sentani, Tuesday (October 17).

Described, there has been no report related to the survey and examination of dog’s stamp in this area. It is only worried that if this dog from outside successfully made it into this area then rabies virus will be directly infected to dog or other pets like cat.


“Many racially ousted dogs are feared to have a serious impact on the spread of rabies in this area, we expect a report of findings from the public or other parties to the spread of rabies.” Our constant efforts will be to take samples on pets or by conducting a direct examination in every home citizen who have pets, “he said.

Previously, Jayapura District Planning Administrator Jerry F Dien, in his speech at the opening of Information and Education Communication (IEC) zootomic rabies in Sentani, said to prevent the spread of rabies in the area will be done in any way combined with its control strategy.

“Quarantine is one of them, including surveillance on the spread of rabies-transmitted animals and transmitters from outside the area that enters this area. The final step if it is very urgent is the destruction of sick animals,” he said.(

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