Head of the Jayapura City Village Community Empowerment Service, Makzi L. Atanay - Jubi/Ramah

Jayapura City govt forms team for identification and inventory of Indigenous Papuans


Jayapura, Jubi – The Jayapura City Administration through the Village Community Empowerment Agency has formed an identification and inventory team for the Port Numbay Indigenous community for the preservation or development of cultural values.

“This activity is to strengthen customary rights and empower village communities,” said head of Jayapura City’s Village Community Empowerment Agency Makzi L. Atanay on Tuesday, February 15, 2022.

Atanay said the identification and inventory of the Port Numbay Indigenous community were stipulated in Regional Regulation No. 17/2018 on the arrangement of customary land rights, including the establishment of a team to carry out the task of arranging customary land rights.

“This team involves ondoafi (Indigenous leaders) and village heads, discussing the ownership of customary rights, such as land and water, as well as other aspects such as art, culture, law, and education, which are the identity for the community that also have economic value,” he said.

Atanay hoped that there would be a collaboration between the government and traditional parties so that management of village empowerment and cultural preservation were maintained well, given that the City of Jayapura had a certain customary law with an important value.


“Is there anything the government can do to strengthen Indigenous Peoples’ institutions? Let’s find out together. We hope that there will be a mutual agreement so that we can present a program that is truly beneficial for the Indigenous community and the village,” said Atanay.

Meanwhile, Jayapura deputy mayor Rustan Saru also expressed his hope that the effort to identify Indigenous Peoples’ customary rights in the cultural, artistic, economic, and social aspects would strengthen the Indigenous communities.

“I hope that this team will formulate strategic programs to improve the welfare of Indigenous Peoples and maintain sustainability for generations to come,” said Saru.

Saru said the Jayapura City Administration always fully supported the preservation of the territory and customary law as the City was built on three entities, namely the government, custom, and religion.

“Let us be of one heart to build this city as our common home so that we can live in harmony, peace, security, and comfort for the sake of God and in accordance with the vision and mission of the Jayapura City Administration, which is modern, independent, competitive, and respect local wisdom,” he added. (*)

Reporter: Ramah
Editor: Dewi Wulandari

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