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Jayapura City Government Launches School Feeding Program Based Local Food

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Jayapura, Jubi – The mayor of Jayapura on Tuesday launched a school feeding program based on local food in collaboration with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

The head of the Education Department of Jayapura, I Wayan Mudiyasa, said the local government was committed to implementing the program for 12 schools in Muara Tami and Abepura district which runs from August to December 2015.
“This program is adjusted to the national guidelines ,” Mudiyasa said during the launch at the Elementary School, SD Inpres 2 West Koya on tuesday (4/8/2015).

“Do not provide a complete food such as rice and side dishes. But in the form of appropriate snacks that meet safety standards and good quality, made from local agricultural produce, food contains 300 calories and 5 grams of protein and provided three times a week,” he said.

He continued, the purpose of the implementation of PMT Program is to make the city of Jayapura as a pilot area PMT national program and supports an increase in the level of presence of children in the class, students’ concentration, students’ nutrition and an increase of the income of local farmers to supply raw materials to school.


In the same place, Benhur Tommy Mano, Mayor of Jayapura asserted, in order to support the activities of PMT-US, each school must have a school garden.
“I urge all principals who are here are required to have a school land, so that the food we manage are from their own agricultural products,” he said.

“Later, I’ll come and check in every school, whether there is agricultural land or not,” he continued. For mothers – women who cook food for children will earn additional incentives,” he said. (Munir/ Tina)

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