The Annual Meeting of KONI Jayapura City (Jubi)


The Annual Meeting of KONI Jayapura City (Jubi)

The Annual Meeting of KONI Jayapura City (Jubi)

Jayapura, 15/2 (Jubi) – Chairman of National Sport Committee of Province Papua, Tommy Benhur Mano who is also the Mayor of Jayapura Municipality provided a direction to the officials of KONI Papua in Annual Meeting of KONI Jayapura City on Saturday (15/2).

“Our first agenda is to evaluate the working program of 2012 and create a program for 2013 about how to improve the athletes’ talents and interest in each sports in Kota Jayapura as written in the Articles of Association. And KONI give a fully support to any sports who have good performance,” Mano said after the opening of KONI Annual Meeting of Jayapura City.

Mano stated a stimulant fund is allocated for the achievement sports.
“To the sports that not yet achieved, it’s expected to improve their athletes”, he said.

He also reminded the officials to dealing with the owner of swimming pool where located in the former market. The Government of Jayapura Municipality is ready to manage it upon the approval of the Provincial Government of Papua.
“Jayapura City has a commitment to chase medals from swimming,” he said.


In addition, he also requested the sport officials to reorganize their organization structure.
“I ask that the program can be used to improve the athlete’s spirit in Jayapura City,” he said.

He also states a support from all sport departments of KONI Jayapura City to KONI Papua to organize PON 2020.

At same place, the General Chairman of National Pencak Silat Association (IPSI) region Jayapura City, Bambang admitted that IPSI has prepared and programmed a Regional Championship (Kejurda) and will request a grant proposal to the government through KONI Jayapura City.
“We will implement Kejurda for students and youth, referred to the guidance of Central IPSI. We will optimize our resources and asking the Mayor Kota Jayapura to assist the preparation of sports facilities and infrastructure for exercise and education,” Bambang said. (Jubi/Sindung/rom)

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