Jayapura Archaeologists Discover Megalithic Worship Center


Jayapura, Jubi / Antara – Archaeologists from the Archaeological Institute of Jayapura found two settlements and cult center dating back to the megalithic age around Srobu Hill area in Jayapura city, Papua.

Chairman of research team of the Institute for Archeology Erlin NJ Djami said the team has conducted an intensive survey in the area between Mount Srobu and Tiarnum.

“From the intensive survey, we found a relic of megalithic in the form of worship center as often called by the local people as shells hill,” he said last week.

Erlin said it assumed there are two large settlements and two centers of worship in Srobu hill.

“The findings that indicate megalithic age period are menhirs, stone table, stone porch stairs and former settlement,” he said.


He said the findings are not far from the sea level, is quite complete, and complex because there are some former houses.

“It is also found dakon stone and human bones that until now could not be ascertained whether the bones of local residents or former Japanese army,” she said again.

She added that based on the description of the locals, the area once used as a hiding area of ​​former Japanese soldiers during World War II. (*)

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