LNG Tangguh, JGC's client in West Papua - jgc.com

Japan to Build Power Plants in West Papua

LNG Tangguh, JGC's client in West Papua - jgc.com

LNG Tangguh, JGC’s client in West Papua – jgc.com

Jayapura, Jubi – Japan Gas Corporation (JGC), a global engineering company headquartered in Yokohama, plans to build a 50- megawatt power plant in the Indonesian easternmost province of Papua, according to JGC President Director Tetsuo Fujita.

On Wednesday (18/03/2015), senior executives of JGC including Yoshihiro Shigehisa and Tetsui Fujita met with Vice President Jusuf Kalla to discuss the plan, Antara reported.
“We are preparing several power supply investments in Indonesia, as a reserve for out next generation. (Indonesia) does not have to import (electricity) from other countries,” Shigehisa told reporters after their meeting with Kalla. He is Chairman Emeritus of JGC Group.
“I hope we can build a thousand-megawatt project out of the required 35 thousand-megawatt generation capacity, with all the materials being sourced from Indonesia,” according to JGC Director Emeritus Yoshihiro Shigehisa.

The initial power plant will be built in Sorong, West Papua, with capacity of 50 MW. It will cost US$200 million-300 million, according to Fujita, who is PT. JGC president director. The project ground breaking will take place this year, he said.

Sofjan Wanandi, a member of the vice presidents expert team for economy, explained that the 50-megawatt power plant will be built in Papua. He pointed out that Sorong, Biak, Fakfak, Timika, Kaimana, Merauke, Sarmi, and Serui are among the 15 locations in Papua where the power plants will be built.


Sofjan, who is a prominent businessman, said that the country’s Eastern provinces are left far behind the rest of Indonesia in electricity penetration. Accordingly, special attention will be given to the regions. (Victor Mambor)

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