January 2nd Marked as a Revival Moment for Khouw Tribe


Jayapura, Jubi – Jayapura regent Mathius Awoitauw hoped Ayapo villager in East Sentani district, Jayapura will mark January 2 as the revival of education in the village.

“It’s important momentum as 63 years ago, the ancestors of this village realized the importance of education,” Awoitauw said on thanksgiving day of Khouw tribe in Ayapo village on Friday (2/1).

Every year, on the second of January, Khouw tribe always celebrates thanksgiving for the success of their children’ education especially for those who earned bachelor’s degrees or won jobs such as a civil servants, police, soldiers, teachers and other professions.

” It is a very important history which is should be noted and remembered by this generation. It should be part of learning, and the revival moment, ” Mathius Awoitauw stated.

Chairman of the Committee, Kristian Epa said, The second of January is a historic day for tribal people of Khouw tribe, especially those who are already successful in the field of education and has got a permanent job. “I myself is the results of it. We can be successful as it is now because of January 2,”  Kristian Epa, who is also the  Inspectorate chief in Central Mamberamo said.


Thanksgiving day was celebrated for three days in a row with of with traditional instruments like flutes and drums. (Albert Yomo/Tina)

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