Papua House representative - Jubi

Jakarta Takes over 14 Seats Recruitment, It’s a Rumor Only, Says Legislator

Papua House representative - Jubi

Papua House representative – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Former Chairman of Special Committee of 14 Seats of Papua Legislative Council, Emus Gwijangge suspected there is a person who’s taking benefit or acting on behalf of the President Joko Widodo and the Minister of Internal Affairs regarding to the process of 14 seats in the Papua Legislative Council.

The Commission I member of Papua Legislative Council for Government, Politic, Legal and Human Rights said many press reportages concerning to the process of 14 seats would be handed over by the Ministry of Internal Affairs were only rumors that deliberately spread by certain parties to streamline their interest. The recruitment process of 14 seats has been done according to the Special Regional Regulation (Perdasus).
“Up to now, we are in the Papua Legislative Council and Papua Provincial Government has not been received the official announcement from the Ministry of Internal Affairs yet about the matter. It is only the rumor spread by couple of persons for the sake of their interest,” said Gwijangge to Jubi by phone on Wednesday (28/9/2016).
According to him, the Central Government could not arbitrarily taken over the recruitment process of 14 seats that is now entering the final step.
“What have been spreading in the media is not true. It’s only for the couple of persons’ interest. The situation would be worse if the Central Government took over it. Apparently it would not trust the stakeholders in Papua,” he said.
He reminded many parties to not create their own opinion for raising a polemic and confusing the people.
“Papuan people to be not affected with many rumors spreading. Now just wait the announcement of 14 names that passed the selection. Perhaps it would be announced after the National Sport Event (PON),” he said.
Separately the Commission I Chairman of the Papua Legislative Council who are also the former special committee members said the recruitment for 14 seats still could be handled by local stakeholders in Papua. The Central Government do not need to intervent. Furthermore, the Papua Provincial Government was given the authority to set the process in accordance to the Special Autonomy Law.
“The ministry only issue the Decree for those who would be elected as legislators through the 14 seats recruitment referring to the governor’s recommendation. If the Central Government intervened the process, the Special Autonomy Law is better to withdraw. He also assume there is party who benefitted the president’s name and the Minister of Internal Affairs for their group or own benefit.
“To whoever is it, please not taking benefit of the president or minister. The Central Government knows how to behave. It already gave the authority to Papua through the Special Autonomy,” he added.
The presidential staff Lenis Kogoya claimed the Ministry of Internal Affairs would hand over the recruitment process of 14 seats. It would be done in accordance to the report from the People Unity Forum of Five Papua Customary Regions (FPMLWAP) to the President Joko Widodo on 15 Septmber 2016 about the rejection on the 14 seats committee’s decision in Papua Province. The governor reportedly intervened the decision.
“The Minister of Internal Affairs would call the Papua Governor and Provincial Committee to submit the report. We held the meeting with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Coordinating Ministry of Politics, Legal and Security Affairs, Indonesian Police, Indonesian Intelligent Agency, BAIS, Indonesian Election Commission, Bawaslu RI and the Indonesian Cabinet Secretariat. We will check the document of recommendation issued by the Papua Provincial Committee as well as regional/municipal committees about the appointment process of candidates of 14 seats from five customary region,” said Lenis. (*/rom)

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