Jakarta – Papua Dialogue is a Dignified Way to Solve Conflict in Papua



Jayapura, Jubi – Papuans want dialogue between with Jakarta and this has been constantly echoed in recent years, but there has been no response from Jakarta.

The Executive Secretary of the People’s Network , Septer Manufandu, head of representative office Komnas HAM Papua, Frits Ramandey, coordinator of the Papua Peace Network (JDP) Neles Tebay and Coordinator of the Secretariat of Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation (SKPKC) Papua Yuliana Languwuyo also discussed the issue during a meeting with the ambassador of the United States to Indonesia, Robert Blake.

“He (US ambassador) also mentioned dialogue, and then we said that dialogue is a dignified way to negotiate the problems in Papua,” Manufandu said.

“Everything must be placed in a dignified manner to look for a solution together and make a political commitment to live together in the future, ” he
told reporters on last week.


Then US ambassador responded that dialogue is a good way, but there must be equation perception or view of the concept of dialogue both from government and public.

Earlier, coordinator of the Papua Peace Network (JDP) Neles Tebay said, there should be an internal dialogue in Papua first before dialogue between Jakarta and Papua is held.
According to him, internal dialogue is important for it is such a need, a longing for Papuans.
He also found that among the Papuans themselves, there is no common understanding of the Jakarta-Papua dialogue especially about the purpose and agenda.

There is a party that thinks that the Jakarta-Papua dialogue will be endangering the territorial integrity of Indonesia. There is also a view that the Jakarta-Papua dialogue is dangerous because it can destroy the ideology of Papuan independence.

While some people understand that the Jakarta-Papua dialogue is a solution to the conflict in Papua. Jakarta-Papua dialogue is not the goal but it is a means to identify problems and look for the best solution by involving all parties.

“Internal dialogue will be attended by all Papuans to discuss the concept and goal of Papua – Jakarta dialogue,” Neles Tebay said. (Roy Ratumakin/Tina)

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