Jacksen F. Tiago (Jubi)


Jacksen F. Tiago (Jubi)

Jacksen F. Tiago (Jubi)

Jayapura, 25/4 (Jubi) – The reaction of the Persipura Coach Jacksen F Tiago who were offended when a reporter asked whether his team has a conspiracy to lose from the Home United in their last match on last Wednesday (23/4) has subjected a conversation among the journalists.

Some of media workers thought the coach’s statement to call a local journalist gave him a stupid question were not proper words to say by a professional coach like Tiago.

Chairman of AJI Jayapura, Victor Mambor said the coach’s attitude made him look like a beginner. As a professional and experienced coach, he couldn’t say a stupid question to the reporter.
“He is a coach who gained several times of championship, why he was upset when being asked such question. He acted like he was a beginner,” Victor Mambor said on Friday (25/4).

According to him, Persipura and Jacksen are becoming famous just like recent couldn’t separate from the role of media who consistently reported the progress of the ‘Black Pearl’. So the success of Persipura was not only because of him.
“He wasn’t not the only one who contribute on the success of Persipura, but the media also did. Whatever greatest it is, but it could be success without the publications from media,” said Mambor.


While the Tempo journalist in Jayapura, Cunding Levi said Jacksen Tiago show his unprofessional attitude when responding a question asked by a journalist who assumed a conspiracy in the match between Persipura and the Home United.
“If he was professional he would answer that question as professional. He didn’t need to be up set or offended. It just raised a suspicious about what was actually happened,” Levi said.

He further said Tiago came to the press conference room as the Persipura coach not on behalf on his self. The similar things occurred to journalists. They came to represent their media.

“It’s normal to the reporters questioned about something unusual to be happened. Why should call it as stupid question. Just looked at the coaches of the European teams, they were bombarded with questions by reporters but they kept answer it professionally,” he said.

Earlier, Jacksen F Tiago was upset and showed the unfriendly attitude when asked about the alleged conspiracy during the match between Persipura and the Home United.
“I firmly said there was no conspiracy and I also very disappointed with the game result. God would judge me if I said yes. I supposed to not answer this question, a stupid question. If the journalists didn’t like me, please asked the General Chairman to replace my position,” Jacksen said in the press conference. (Jubi/Arjuna/rom)

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