The Chairman of Iwaro Student Association Simon Soren

Iwaro Customary Community Asks PT PPM to Pay Compensation

The Chairman of Iwaro Student Association Simon Soren

The Chairman of Iwaro Student Association Simon Soren

Sorong, Jubi – Iwaro Customary Community asked PT Permata Putra Mandiri to pay compensation for oil palm plantation area in Jamerea, Puragi Village, Metemani Sub-district, Sorong Selatan, Papua Barat.

The Chairman of Iwaro Student Association Simon Soren told Jubi in Sorong on Friday (24/6/2016) that the company scammed the residents of seven clans who the owners of 3,500 hectares of forest area. The company has taken their land and turned it to an oil palm plantation. PT. Permata Putra Mandiri has been operated since 2011, according to Simon, has never handed the document of land release to the seven clans in Puragi. They only paid Rp 5 per meter for the land.

“While the Environmental Impact Analysis issued under Otto Ihalau’s administrative said it was Rp 1,000 per meter. It is a scamming involved the former government’s officials and company’s persons,” he said.

According to him, Puragi People should get more than Rp 35 billion. “If it counted for Rp 1,000 per meter that multiplied with 3,500 hectares,” he said.


PT PPM through its spokesperson Boas Manas refused to give any comment before the verdict by Court. “We can not answer the question,” said Manas.

The lawyer represented Yakomina Gue, Laury da Costa said PT PPM through its witnesses in the court said the assistance given to the Puragi people was taken from the company’s CRS. It means it is the company’s responsibility to the people and the neighborhood surrounding the company’s operating location. “So it has no connection with the customary land area which has not yet settled by the company,” said da Costa. (Niko MB).

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