It’s too Late to Start Partnership With Pacific Countries, says Councilor Kadepa


Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan Councilor Laurenzus Kadepa said it is too late for the Indonesian government to convince Pacific countries over the human rights situation in Papua by opening it up.

He further said the only way for Indonesia to get international trust over Papua is by allowing foreign journalists come to Papua.
“It is too late. The Pacific countries have long time followed the recent issue in Papua. Do not provide partial information. Let foreign journalists coming to Papua to witness the current situation. Right now Papua is on humanitarian crisis,” Kadepa told Jubi on Wednesday (18/3/2015).

He further said now after the Pacific countries are so intense supporting Papua, the government acted as if it want to show its power and contribution in Papua.
“It’s not right. If this country thought it is growing Papua, it should let foreign journalists come to see the current situation in Papua. It much better than let them using their own way conveying Papua to the outsider. It’s absolutely wasted. Who want to believe,” he said.

He further said if foreign journalists were allowed to come to Papua to cover and publish the conditions here, the world would be more convinced.

But if the information provided was only the government’s version, it would hard to convince the world. “It’s their version, it might be different with what was happening among the people. Do not sell Papua for certain people’s benefit,” he said.


When meeting with the Media and Information Director of Indonesian Foreign Minister, the Papua Regional Secretary Heri Dosinaen said recently the information about Papua was destructive, especially if it was only referred to one aspect. Everything would be looked rigid.

According to him, for that reason the Papua Governor has opened the access to the neighbor countries, which certainly have contribution to work together with Indonesia in economic, health and education. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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